Sunday, April 3, 2022

My Talking Head On Sunday.

It is not about propaganda only. 

If you read comments under the video on YouTube you will see my exchange with some Irish guy about Russia's commercial aviation. He asked a reasonable question which is also irrelevant for Russia because Russian economy operates differently and the use of IL-96 with four PS-90A series engines is not only reasonable for Russia but a very good decision until PD-35 gets on-line and IL-96s will be re-mototrized with two PD-35. But most importantly what many in the West still fail to grasp is the fact that Russia doesn't care about the West and its markets. Russian internal market is huge and Russia is very autarkic and has a very long and excellent history of domestic commercial aviation. 

As Borisov stated on March 16, the issue of resumption of manufacturing of IL-96s and TU-214s in larger series is being seriously considered (in Russian). So is introduction of MC-21 and SSJ-100 Russified being accelerated. The issue with IL-96 with four PS-90A(n) or TU-214 with two PS-90A(n) or even PD-14 is not technical--production lines of these aircraft are fully operational and continue to produce these aircraft--it is economic in terms of model of some subsidies to already affordable kerosene for these guys, or maybe airfare itself. So, the return of IL-96 will be very interesting. As will be that of the TU-214s which will fill in the niche until production of MC-21 and its LR version hits its peak.

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