Saturday, April 16, 2022

Some Interesting Snippets.

Here is (in Russian) Evgeny Poddubnyi from the front lines:

He doesn't say anything what is not generally known from Kharkov region, but at 6:50 he begins to confirm what was suspected all along, that primarily US "advisers" who are engaged fully in combat control of VSU insist on VSU to hide behind civilians. Whenever combat contact happens between Russian forces and VSU (and Nazis) in the open or in the urban civilian areas which do not have civilians in them, combat performance of VSU drops dramatically and they run. When hiding behind civilian backs they do offer resistance. What a tactics, this one should make it into NATO combat manuals, with a special focus on using kindergarten kids as a good cover for armor. Sadly, this may not seem as far fetched as I thought before. But then again, what would one expect from "advisers" who can not win a single war even against third-rate opponents. 

But there is a story developing and it is a significant one. It is from Russia's MoD.

В течение 16 апреля 2022 г. отмечено резкое повышение интенсивности ведения радиопереговоров боевиками националистических формирований и иностранными наемниками, заблокированными в Мариуполе на металлургическом комбинате «Азовсталь». При этом, содержание радиоперехватов (только за истекшие сутки таких получено 367) свидетельствует о том, что оказывающие сопротивление боевики находятся в безвыходном положении, практически без продуктов питания и воды. Они настойчиво требуют от официальных властей Киева разрешения сложить оружие и сдаться в плен. При этом, представители украинских властей в категоричной форме запрещают это делать и угрожают последующими расстрелами по условиям «военного времени». 

Translation: During April 16, 2022, there was a sharp increase in the intensity of radio communications by militants of nationalist formations and foreign mercenaries blocked in Mariupol at the Azovstal metallurgical plant. At the same time, the content of radio intercepts (only 367 such intercepts were received in the past 24 hours) indicates that the resisting militants are in a hopeless situation, with virtually no food and water. They persistently demand permission from the official authorities of Kyiv to lay down their arms and surrender. At the same time, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities categorically forbid doing this and threaten with subsequent executions under the terms of "wartime".

Out of humanitarian considerations, Russian MoD guarantees, for those who will lay down their arms, life. If not, TU-22M3s will arrive again and Russia has a shitload of free-falling munitions which will simply block those remaining (by different estimates up to 4000 troops) in Azov Steel and will make sure that they never see the light of day. In related news, more and more UK (there are some from US, confirmed) and other lovers of safari on Russians learn the hard way about realities of a real war. 

The start of the War Crimes Tribunal promises to be a wowser, when other, much bigger foreign fish, will be paraded in a front of the world. I guess those "advisers" who built ukie defenses around civilians and behind their backs should think really hard if they will have the chance to escape. 

But then again, as was demonstrated, Russia can turn pain dial to 11 if need be, that is why promises by the US of supplying such "weapons" as M-113 APCs (good Lord, that thing is older than me) or towed artillery to VSU is, in fact, act of desperation for purely political (primarily domestic) purposes, which the scale of grotesqueness of the US propaganda proves without a doubt. When taken in the proper (real) context of massive, tectonic really, geopolitical and global economic shifts, these facts add quite well to the overall picture of the events, at the core of which is a decline of the US Dollar as reserve currency and ongoing process of the combined West's self-isolation based on increasing totalitarianism and betrayal of all values which were in the foundation of its post-WW II success. That combined West is no more. Here is an example:

Of course, it is patently not-true and Germany IS the party both to a catastrophe it helped to precipitate in Ukraine in 2014 and bringing Nazis to power, and now, as a party to the economic sanctions on Russia. Germany will be treated as such. As a party. Mentioning of International Law by Germany is hilarious. 


Russia has formally complained to the United States over its military aid to Ukraine, warning of "unpredictable consequences" if shipments of advanced weaponry go forward, US media reported. In a diplomatic note this week, Moscow warned the United States and NATO against sending the "most sensitive" weapons for Kyiv to use in the conflict with Russia, saying such shipments were "adding fuel" to the situation and could come with "unpredictable consequences," the Washington Post reported. The warning came the same week that US President Joe Biden pledged a new $800 million military aid package for Ukraine, including helicopters, howitzers and armored personnel carriers. "What the Russians are telling us privately is precisely what we've been telling the world publicly — that the massive amount of assistance that we've been providing our Ukrainian partners is proving extraordinarily effective," the Post quoted a senior administration official — who spoke on condition of anonymity about the note — as saying.

It is a classic spin ("anonymous officials" are usually US journos themselves or some low level hacks), but it should be noted from the same text:

According to the New York Times citing US officials, the note was sent through normal channels, and was not signed by any senior Russian officials. The formal correspondence indicates Russia is concerned about the United States' ongoing material support for Ukraine, an anonymous US official told CNN.

So, in this case this whole tempest in the teacup is Russia merely obeying the forms and is nothing more than some propaganda straw to grasp at by the US, because even propaganda setback with RKR Moskva, cannot hide the obvious fact that Mariupol, with the exception of Azov Steel's blocked bunkers, is fully liberated and Mariupol's, considered the best of VSU by VSU itself, grouping ceased to exist. I am positive that US "advisers" in 404 know what it means, including their plans to hide behind backs of women and children. But then again, I am on record, it is only in Hollywood that wars are won gloriously and freedom reigns supreme.   

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