Friday, April 8, 2022

Big Prize, To Keep Your Eyes On.

Yep, it is happening. 

Китай начал закупать уголь и нефть у России за юани

Translation: China begins buying coal and oil from Russia for Yuans

That is why they are so desperate in the West, especially in the US. I will omit for now the list of "sanctioned" products the United States "reversed" (meaning made an exception), for export to Russia, as well as import of Russian... ahem...crude, but it is down right funny. Very many people in the US (nobody asks Europe) are having excruciatingly bad month when they understood that Russia makes a financial killing selling her both resources and goods around the world. Worst yet? West de facto finances Russian operations against itself. But in the end, Russia is strangling US Dollar, especially its petroleum part.  That's the biggest prize of them all.

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