Monday, April 11, 2022

Yet Another Kinzhal Use...

Looks like Kinzhal is a very good weapon, especially against deep underground reinforced positions. As Konashenkov states:

Translation: "On the afternoon of April 11, near the village of Chasov Yar, Donetsk region, the Kinzhal aviation missile system destroyed a buried, well-protected command post of a grouping of Ukrainian troops in the Donbass," he said.

I am sure we will be treated to a video fairly soon. In the meantime, this Austrian dude wanted to make a point in Moscow, but it, obviously, didn't go as planned:

I am sure this guy who served in Austrian military for a couple of years and has a degree in... drum roll... "political communications" is totally ready to communicate with Russians. Nah, I am being facetious, European "elites" are a joke. Just for the heck of it, try to Google "Latvian Mix" (meaning crude oil), see for yourself if you will find anything. I'll give you a hint, these EU imbeciles imposed sanctions on Russia, while the US makes exemptions left and right on Russia's imports to the US, and now they try to bypass their own "sanctions". It is a complete panopticon. A circus, really. 

Per military affairs. Mariupol port is fully under LDNR (Russian) forces control, and here is my talking head from yesterday. 

Wait until you hear what Ukie Nazis are doing in Slavyansk, including torture of civilians (in Russian), and then you may get the idea why Russians cannot stand modern West. Again, Russians do not talk to Nazis and their enablers, and that explains why Russians "don't pick up the phone".

Meanwhile, Margo Simonyan should simply abandon RT, because she dropped the ball in a major way by making RT a tribune for globalist creeps like this clown (among many other humanities "educated" Russian Atlanticists), and she should just retire and resign herself to the idea that being a media personality in no way substitutes professional qualities of a serious geopolitical observer and analyst and those are not taught in madras where 90% of RT's "experts" come from. Degree in "journalism" is not a real serious education. But in general it is the time of reckoning of which I write non-stop for years, that "liberal" view of the world, including its meandering "education" is not capable to cope with extremely complex realities of a modern world. Just to demonstrate, how about that:

Translation: The government is launching a federal project to create 30 advanced engineering schools at university sites in various regions of the country, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said. "Young specialists must learn the knowledge and skills to maintain complex systems from top-class professionals," he said. Within three years, more than 36 billion rubles are provided for these tasks within the framework of the state program "Scientific and Technological Development".
You see, not journalist schools, not some "international relations" BS, not arts and "free thinkers" madras, but those who can create things which matter. It is a brave new world.

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