Wednesday, April 13, 2022

About RKR Moskva.

The rumors are swirling about RKR Moskva hit by allegedly (emphasis on allegedly) Ukie Neptun anti-shipping missiles. The only thing which is known at this stage is that Russia's MoD confirmed fire and detonation of the ammo, which, in this case means only the cellar with 130-mm shells for the nose dual gun AK-130. As any ammo cellar Moskva's is "wrapped" in armored shell. Project 1164 standard 16 anti-shipping missiles Vulkan are stored in separate armored containers located in groups of 2 x 4 on each side of the ship and they cannot "detonate" that easily. Nor can detonate with catastrophic consequences S-300 Fort AD missiles which are also stored in revolver type containers. 

Understandably 404 side immediately tried to assign the "credit" to itself and its Neptun missiles, which are nothing more than subsonic iteration of venerable Russian X-35 Uran. It is too early to speculate what went wrong, but something did go wrong and the first question is where was the sprinkler system (systema oroshenia pogrebov). We don't know. The ship is more than 40 years old, after all, and unlike sistership Marshal Ustinov didn't undergo modernization. If one throws away the hypothesis of Ukie missiles, the only thing which comes to mind is either internal sabotage or even a possibility of a diversion from the outside by combat divers. I would suggests at this stage not to believe all kinds telegram-channels, especially ukie and Russian "experts", but wait for official announcement of Russian MoD. Do not forget, this event will be amplified and multiplied by Western propaganda, but it also may open floodgates for other events, especially if it will be established that foreign powers have been involved. This event may have some propaganda value but it doesn't change the outcome and the objectives of the SMO. Physical location of the ship at the moment of the event will be telling a lot.

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