Friday, April 22, 2022

How The US MSM Reports On SMO.

Hey, just an example. 

An Exhibit A of US MSM Modus Operandi. Aw, they were so enamored with her, almost like with Ukrainian democracy and VSU victories today. Nothing will change until infotainment industry in the US is demolished and a new code of ethics in reporting is established in a similar manner as a Hippocratic Oath in medicine and specialization in reporting is established and I don't mean ignorant clowns like Fareed Zakaria whose relation to real geopolitics is the same as my relation to Jin Dynasty. I fondly remember early (stressing it--early) Dr. Sunjay Gupta, a bona fide medical doctor, or late John Holliman who actually did his home-work in space-exploration field and reported competently until his untimely death. But then again, Western news "executives" themselves are ... well US "humanities" field is a catastrophe, as is a media culture which is just a symptom of a much larger problem, which is systemic. In this case, Matthew Lee and his brilliant mind is merely an exception which confirms the rule. In the end, they are not called media whores for nothing, because they are. Let independent real journalism and reporting take the center-stage. 

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