Wednesday, April 6, 2022

As Was Expected.

Hungary has no problems. 

That also confirms earlier hypothesis that Orban discussed with Vladimir Putin more than just pure economic cooperation but also future security structure in Europe. Plus, of course, if true, which it seems, Hungary may become a "layover" for EU funds to Russia for energy and that will make Hungary very rich. Now, the bunch of chickens in Berlin begins to suspect something:

Somebody tell those morons in Berlin that the issue is not "immediate ban" but that their Grune energy agenda is a wet dream sold by uneducated frauds to brainwashed and also uneducated (part of) public. Get some, fvcking, real engineers in your government, they may explain to you realities of the energy and global resources. While at it, they may explain how REAL physical economy works. Germany used to have excellent engineers, I am sure some are still around. 

Moscow, meanwhile, states:

I think Baltic states are first in line, then Western Europe (some nations) for a demonstration purposes. That, as you might have guessed by now, increases Hungary's "middle man" position even more not just in economic sense but in diplomatic too.

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