Sunday, May 1, 2022

There Are No Nazis In Ukraine...

 ... it is just that they are being taken POWs wholesale nowadays. But other than that, in accordance to US Congress, Pentagon and White House, and Western media, they are not there. 

Look at this dude, he is obviously a cook or a driver and never harmed anyone. As per SS and swastika ink, hey, he had to do it for impersonating a Hitler soldier in his high school play. Olaf Scholz should be especially proud pushing for military support of Kiev regime. John Kirby probably will weep in voice from seeing such an upstanding Ukie "freedom fighter" being unjustifiably questioned about his humanitarian work in Donbass. 

Here is Valdimir Putin tries to explain to this UN big honcho from, apparently, parallel universe, how the real wars are fought (in Russian):

And why not releasing civilians by Ukie Nazis (who, obviously, are a figment of imagination of Russians) from Azov Steel is, actually, not a war fighting on their part but terrorism and using civilians as a human shield. I am not sure, though, that UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres gets it. He is from Portugal and despite being an impressive electrical engineer and physicist in his own right, he decided to dissolve his conscientiousness in the toxic environment of the morally decomposing and "woking" politics of European socialist movement, before involving himself in pretty much useless organization. Sad, really, when UN Chief has no clue and it takes Russia's President to explain to him realities on the ground.

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