Monday, May 30, 2022

James Kunstler Notes...

... astutely, that:

I have been on record for years that the best what Western Civilization gave to the world survives today in Russia. For all (justified) distancing of modern Russia from contemporary West, it is Russia who is genuinely Western in civilizational sense than modern day Europe or the United States. Especially when one gets to the definition of Western Civilization, such as given by late Roger Scruton, who, incidentally, was a Russophobe.                           

"The roots of Western civilization lie in the religion of Israel, the culture of Greece, and the law of Rome, and the resulting synthesis has flourished and decayed in a thousand ways during the two millennia which followed the death of Christ"

What passes today for modern "West" is hardly Western in any meaningful sense and loses last connections to what Western mind and ethos were in the last 500 years, which gave us not only wars and suffering--characteristic of ANY civilization--but greatest achievements of science, art, industry and human spirit. Most of it is gone today in the combined West. Which is post-Christian not in a sense of the dwindling number of people attending church services on Sunday but in losing Christian ethics substituting it with terrifying menagerie of human anomalies in moral and physiological sense. This becomes evident to many people nowadays, and while Russia is not without her own blemishes of national character and life, what she represents today for many people around the world, is what the combined West was supposed to become but never did.                            

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