Monday, May 16, 2022

How Long Before Kiev and CNN (BBC) Declare This A Victory?

And they will try. 

But then again, since we all know now that these were US and Great Britain who defeated Hitler, with some marginal help from those Rooskies, and that Russians lose daily the equivalent of motor-rifle division in 404 (that is what BBC and NBC think) and soon will try desperately to defend Moscow against Ukie juggernaut, we all should expect:

1. Declarations that this means absolutely nothing;

2. Declaration that Russians lost there no less than the whole Military District (army group) worth of personnel;

3. That in the end, Azov Nazis and VSU defeated Russians. 

I agree, I would also suggest to British to introduce to Sandhurst's programs this event as a way to defeat Russians. I am sure that will improve the educational level of UK's officer corps. Pentagon should also follow suit. After all, we all saw how triumphantly those "planners" conducted operations in Afghanistan. In the meantime, FSB is having its hands full "processing" homicidal criminals from Azov and their Western "colleagues". Prepare for some big stories. 

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