Monday, May 2, 2022

He Forgot To Clarify...

 ... that these brave "warriors" get pleasure only from wars in which they have the opponents armed primarily with AK-47s, RPG-7s and IEDs. That's easy. (Real) war, on he other hand,

where your unit is decimated by high precision stand-off weapons and then rounded up and dug into (buried) the ground by artillery and the remnants of demoralized and scared grunts are taken POWs after that--that what REAL war is. It is not safari, it is a mass slaughter, but then again, they should have told this and other dudes like him from many other NATO countries when giving them their "job description". Fire density, fire raids and shit like that. Hey, at least they could have listened to Iron Maiden's immortal Trooper. Good song, good song, plus Bruce, actually, got his graduate degree in history and is a world-class pilot and fencer...

In related news, here is an example of  tactical C2 by Russian forces in which Russian tank disposes of  VSU's T-64 based on recon in real time from drone. 

They didn't even try to get their third guy. Russians got to him after that but said he was dying. I am not sure if they managed to save him, but you can be 100% sure that everything possible under circumstances to save him was done. 

I will, for now, abstain from commenting on this Canadian general until I hear official confirmation (albeit, the probability is high that he was taken POW) but in related news, Pentagon, and their Shitstone County local drama theater amateur actor John Kirby, says that: They don't see any interest from Russian side to maintain any contact (in Russian). Who would, may I ask you?  

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