Wednesday, May 4, 2022

As You All Know...

... from the most honest and freest American-Ukrainian MSM (yes, the US MSM are disinformation machine and run on Ukie BS "intel") Putin "has a cancer", Shoigu is, probably, dead and Valery Gerasimov was targeted in 404 and was wounded by victorious 404 forces. Larry Johnson has already elaborated on Putin's "cancer":

Judging by the US MSM "experts" in combined arms warfare or intel, who exhibit a high school level of "understanding" of the warfare and intel with propaganda, most of them, it seems, have a fantastical thinking. They, as good ol' Caucasus proverb says, think that if they repeat the BS many times it will come true. You know, if you say Baklava 100 times you will eventually start tasting sweetness in your mouth. That both underscores utter incompetence and desperation. But that's Putin's "cancer" thing. 

Now dead Shoigu and wounded Gerasimov seem today to be very much alive and unscathed, and, in fact, in good working mood while holding a selector (conference) meeting in MoD. Obviously, the video is not available on YouTube yet, but you can watch it by following the hyperlink below and here is what important in this TASS report:

МОСКВА, 4 мая. /ТАСС/. Прибывшие на Украину транспортные средства НАТО с оружием и амуницией для Вооруженных сил Украины (ВСУ) будут уничтожаться, заявил в среду глава Минобороны РФ Сергей Шойгу на селекторном совещании."США и их союзники по НАТО продолжают накачивать Украину оружием", - сказал Шойгу. Он отметил,  что любой транспорт альянса, который прибыл на территорию страны с вооружением или материальными средствами для нужд вооруженных сил Украины, рассматривается как законная цель для поражения.По словам Шойгу, в ходе спецоперации военнослужащие России обеспечивают безопасность населения Донбасса, проявляют отвагу и мужество и с честью исполняют свой воинский долг. "Российские вооруженные силы продолжат выполнять все задачи, поставленные верховным главнокомандующим", - заявил министр.

Translation:  MOSCOW, 4 May. /TASS/. NATO transports with weapons and ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) that arrived in Ukraine will be destroyed, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday at a conference call. "The United States and its NATO allies continue to pump weapons into Ukraine," Shoigu said. He noted that any alliance transport that arrived on the territory of the country with weapons or materiel for the needs of the armed forces of Ukraine is considered a legitimate target for destruction. According to Shoigu, during the special operation, the Russian military ensure the safety of the population of Donbass, show courage and courage and honorably fulfill their military duty. "The Russian Armed Forces will continue to fulfill all the tasks set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief," the minister said.

This is really bad news to NATO, because even if to consider salvos by supersonic (Mach-2.8+) P-800 Onyx missiles, which exhibited since Syria and incredible, not just anti-shipping capability and range of well in excess of 800 kilometers (get a hint from 3M22 Zircon) or M=9, 2000 kilometer range Kinzhal any "airlift" to 404 by NATO looks like this for Onyx alone. 

Do not also forget that Iskander uses TWO types of missiles. Considering the fact that Russia has an excellent space-based intel and recon assets, targeting will not be a problem. If the US (and its NATO poodles) think that they can supply Nazi regime in Kiev with, quite useless, actually, weapons, Russia, certainly, has the right to cut those "lines of communications", including air transports. For MiG-31 K with Kinzhal taking off from Rostov-on-Don it would take approximately 10-12 minutes to take off and reach the launch point in about 1000 kilometers of any air field in Western Ukraine and that gives any NATO transport about 10-12 min. + around 300 seconds (or about 5 minutes) to reach the target. Right, about 17 minutes max. Make your own conclusion on the probability of transport aircraft with weapons survivability. After all, it takes a significant time to unload one, well in excess of 17 minutes. In the end, any airfield could easily be wiped off the map and that is what Shoigu talked about today. 
You know, about playing hard. Ask Congressman Adam Kizinger if he wants to pilot one of those C-17s to Ukraine. He wanted to fight Russia, let him experience a real war. It is not the same as flying transports into Iraq or Afghanistan.

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