Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Life Is Coming Back In Mariupol.

 Graham Phillips' excellent report on restoration of Mariupol. 

In related news, some reports are circulating that some US senior officers from allegedly 4th Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) were spotted in Odessa and Nikolaev area, evidently "preparing" them for defense. Listen, I get it, the boys want promotions and humiliate those nasty Rooskies, but they are way out of their league. No, seriously. The US Army can show us any of its proxies in the last 20+ years being a competent force? Plus, I am sure, those in VSU who graduated military academies on still Soviet and immediate post-Soviet programs know way more than those "trainers". Not to mention the fact of many of those VSU trying to survive a real army in the last 3 months--an affair unfamiliar to the US Army in principle. Risible. As was stated not for once, those "advisers" there can only learn, not teach those who know more than their "teachers". 

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