Friday, May 13, 2022

Larry Johnson Asks Reasonable Questions.

Especially after Pentagon finally got its wish yesterday and Austin was able to raise Shoigu on the phone. So, Larry asks totally logical and reasonable questions:

If Russia was losing or completely stuck in Ukraine, one would expect that Sergei Shoigu would be the guy calling Austin and begging for mercy. Well, that is not what happened. It was Austin that placed the call, apparently unconcerned about his recent public call to weaken Russia. Why would Austin urge Shoigu to implement an “immediate ceasefire” if Russia was getting its ass kicked? Russia getting whipped by Ukraine is exactly what Austin has called for. Remember?

If Russia is on the ropes, why call off the beating? You call off the fight when its your guy getting pummeled. The Russian offensive in the Donbass has ramped up significantly in the last week and it is carving up entrenched Ukrainian units with no hope of being reinforced or rescued by a counter-offensive.

After that Larry goes on to demolish yet another pack of BS from 404 and her real masters in D.C. and US MSM. Great read and a very enjoyable one.

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