THE AFGHANISTAN PAPERS is the groundbreaking investigative story of how three successive presidents and their military commanders deceived the public year after year about the longest war in American history by Washington Post reporter Craig Whitlock, a three-time Pulitzer Prize finalist.Unlike the wars in Vietnam and Iraq, the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 had near-unanimous public support. At first, the goals were straightforward and clear: to defeat al-Qaeda and prevent a repeat of 9/11. Yet soon after the United States and its allies removed the Taliban from power, the mission veered off course and US officials lost sight of their original objectives.

And he has to deal with his complexes not by spewing obvious BS, but re-examining his "set of skills", which is primarily PR. The only skill Kellog learned about REAL war is how to lie, which he does with the straight face in this FOX segment thus exposing a profound complex of inferiority spurred by losing to inferior enemies, pretty much non-stop. 

So, he better resign himself to this US war record of the last 70 years and face the truth. While it may be too late for him due to his age, he still has the time (God bless his soul and I sincerely wish him long and healthy years) to update himself on how Russia fights real wars and why she managed to pacify Chechnya, demolish in 72 hours "NATO trained" and equipped Georgian Army, how Russia decisively defeated ISIS and saved Bashar Assad government in Syria and how she now annihilates VSU and Nazi forces in 404. All this just in the last 20 some years. I know, comparisons are not only warranted but they are irresistible and that hurts. I am not going to comment on his utter BS "interpretation" of Putin's speech. Evidently embarrassing themselves and parading themselves as buffoons is a new Modus Operandi of all those military "experts" in US MSM. Professional envy is a powerful drug.