Friday, May 13, 2022

Statement For Ukie and Other Trolls. Read Attentively.

Judging by the activity of all kinds of Ukie IPSO and simply "patriotic", US-UK, NATO etc. trolls and FUD "masters" at this blog, including promoters of an open anti-Russian asset Girkin (aka Strelkov), let me explain something.

1. I do not have nor do I follow any Telegram channels for a simple reason--ANY, I underscore, ANY so called info in those TGs unless it is from official and accredited sources is a collection of a BS, most of which is either FUD ops or, otherwise, turbo-"patriotic" crap. It is also the main reason I do not follow all those Podolyakas, "Colonel" Cassads, Kotenoks, and other "analysts" whose level of reporting is this:

"I was in the first APC when we got hit with NLAW....", or "We take these POWs but we have got 2 200s in our unit.." etc. I respect deeply the combat work LDNR forces do and heroism of their guys but I do not bother myself with constant description of tactical and human minutiae of this war, because this is not what I do. I AM NOT interested in opinions of even heroic and very tactically literate soldiers. Even the best of them do not have background to have a competent opinion on the theater of operations scale-wise issues, let alone on geopolitics and strategy. This is not to denigrate those people, no, but unless one has a serious military-intel-academic background in this there is nothing to talk about. But even tactically, you saw yourself how yet another Ukie fake was debunked with this river-crossing BS. So, for trolls--I now will ban you without any warning and will continue to ban you

2. Here is how professionals talk about war. 

They talk about war correlates, attrition rates, mobilization, combat cohesion etc. They also do not get excited over some tactical episodes which create a lot of impression on housewives and househusbands, mama's basement "strategists" and the category of public like this. I try in this blog to bring most professional and competent opinions by people who DO understand and you know those people from Larry Johnson, Douglas Macgregor to Scott Ritter, Russian MoD, Russian military specialists etc. I do not take kindly to those who bring here such human waste as Girkin--those posts will be removed, unless they are for  the purpose of making a case from such tools as Girkin, Bellingcat and other intel propaganda assets and poking well-deserved fun at them. 

3. So, the general message here (I reiterate) is that I will be removing all kinds of "analyses" which are obviously fake or are nothing, which is the 99% of the cases, but a result of mass media echo-chamber, because REAL plans, REAL maps, REAL movements of troops, REAL data are known only to Russia's General Staff and nobody else. Us, former military and intel professionals, we merely try to give the operational and strategic framework--that requires a completely different set of skills which is required on the tactical level. 

Now, re:  yesterday's mentioning of the centers of containment for VSU POWs. Thanks to Kadyrov guys, part of the Zvezda TV made it to UTube. Here it is:

This is not staged and the only difference with full Zvezda report is the absence of the work of the security systems around such centers. There is NO doubt that many VSU POWs are absolutely stunned by the attitude and treatment by Russian Armed Forces. In related news, Western propaganda is getting back on its favorite subject--Russians raping women. Well, what can I say, they better refer to MI-6 and such "historians" as Anthony Beavor--they know everything about raping. 

IN the end, for those who want to listen to my "slight" intro to force multipliers and basic attrition model, here is my yesterday's video.  

People asked and I may, in the end, do a few lectures on combat models and operations. I wanted to do it anyway. 

P.S. For a good level of military journalism for general public, here is an excellent piece by Vlad Shurigin about "Tanks of Mariupol" (in Russian). Remarkably, LDNR forces DO begin to receive T-72B3s.

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