Saturday, May 7, 2022

Russia Is Not Invited...

... for celebration of V-Day in France, because, obviously, supporters of Nazism from the US and EU, cannot invite the main force which destroyed the best combined Europe threw at USSR in 1941. In fact, it is only natural. So, while they celebrate in France, this event will probably be ignored, because after all--these are West's new old heroes.


Well, Hubert Bruls, evidently missed the memo that Western political establishment  and media are now into Ukie thing and support murder, rape and pillage committed by Nazi regime in Kiev and that from now on is the fate of Europe who MUST support Nazism, and she will. 

So, the spirits of fallen Allied heroes probably look in horror on this:
But they shouldn't worry, West merely returns to its natural self circa 1930s and inevitably the crowds of 404 refugees will make sure that brainwashed and utterly pussified Europeans accept what is coming to them. In related news: LOL. This is from the country venerating Nazis and SS Division. Don't worry, Europeans and US "intelligentsia" will swallow it line, hook and sinker. Actually, they did already and that is why Russia is not invited to France, because you cannot invite people who paid the ultimate price defeating those who the combined West openly supports. But that is a whole other story, after all: 

So, nothing unexpected, just the routine. 

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