Friday, May 27, 2022

A Distraction Which Is Needed.

It is Friday and we cannot constantly be engaged with the serious and, sometimes, tragic matters. Even during the Great Patriotic War which was a horrendous event, people in the Soviet Union danced, they went to movies and there were even comedies. Human soul needs both distraction and nourishment. Here is the latest and freshest from incomparable Alan Parsons and Tommy Shaw from great Styx. Existential as always from Alan, whose music stood the test of time. 

"What is lost will be found 

As the serpent coils round and round 

Now the future’s the past 

In the grasp of the uroboros"

Profound. As is always the case with Alan. Do not miss references to all Alan Parsons Project albums. 

Update. One of the best comments of all time:

 Слушал певца на работе без звука. Очень понравилось!

Translation: Listened to a singer at work. Without sound. Loved the song;)

I have to admit, the music is pretty good.

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