Thursday, May 12, 2022

Sometimes It Is Better To Watch...

 ... even without knowing Ukrainian language. Even Ukie TV cannot hide this anymore. Here are one of the latest "mobilized" personnel of the 72nd Brigade of VSU. They are completely confused, nobody knows where and how they should deploy. The CO, to his greatest credit, tells them to simply "walk away" since nobody has actual list of personnel--this may save their lives.

I spoke about a definite trend on accelerating demoralization of VSU in my today's video and, plus, the trend on the acceleration of the collapse of the VSU defenses is also very pronounced now.  This whole situation is further confirmed by the soldiers of the same 72nd Brigade who complain about lack of equipment, ammo and about very high losses.  

Sadly, UTube erases almost instantly any reports from Zvezda TV on the "containment centers" fro VSU POWs. You have to find those videos yourself. VSU POWs go through cultural shock when encountering humane treatment, medical care, showers and being well fed. This overall change of the background of SMO may be in the foundation of obviously grossly exaggerated "peremoga" (victory in Ukie) by "annihilating" some whole battalion of "Russian" armor at some Severnyi Donets river crossing, which, as VSU said (red flag immediately) was "attempted five times in a row". That doesn't sound like Russian Armed Forces. I cannot find anything on this in Russian sources, not to mention the fact that there is a reason I don't have Telegram nor do I follow it. Same reason for me having no social media accounts.  

But this, actually, is a very interesting development which caught my eye and which is very indicative of the utter dysfunction in Military-Industrial Complex in the US, to the point when competent opinion of military is completely overruled by a bunch of Congressional freeloaders.

I will elaborate on this issue in depth, hopefully, in my next couple of videos. It has everything to do with Real RMA and actual war-fighting capability--a precise subject of which no person at Capitol Hill has any clue. 
UPDATE: I have to apologize but looks like the videos I posted above are from 2014.  My bad, so I removed them. Remarkably, these removed videos in no way contradict present situation with VSU because there are many similar videos from the front-lines today, in May 2022. I guess, the more things change, the more they stay the same. 
This one is from May this year. Sorry for my screw-up.

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