Sunday, February 20, 2022

Why Would Putin Say This?

Vladimir Putin made a statement on Friday: 

No new sanctions can possibly deter Russia from doing what it wants, because Moscow has experience dealing with them for many years already, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned. Speaking at a joint press conference with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, on Friday, the Russian leader claimed Moscow cannot possibly avoid Western sanctions, because they are not aimed at altering the Kremlin's behavior. In his view, they are actually a plan to hinder the economic development of Russia. “Sanctions will be imposed in any case. Whether they have a reason today, for example, in connection with the events in Ukraine, or there is no reason, it will be found,” Putin said. “The goal is different. In this case, the goal is to slow down the development of Russia and Belarus.”

1. For starters, Putin stated the obvious truth. This is not to say that Russia is invulnerable--obviously she is not 100% proof--but all things considered, quoting Patrick Armstrong, Russia is the closest thing to autarky in the modern world. That is absolutely true.

2. We can only continue to speculate on the scale, obviously massive, of military-political and economic arrangements between Russia and China, but, boy, this is unprecedented for China:

Washington should help de-escalate tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border and drop persistent threats of punitive measures against Moscow, Beijing’s top diplomat has said amid a growing standoff between East and West. Speaking in a briefing on Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin weighed in on US predictions that Russia’s armed forces could soon begin pouring over the border of the Eastern European nation to wage an offensive. According to him, “the credibility of the US intelligence community has been tested on many occasions, including Iraq and Ukraine.” “I would like to stress once again that in seeking a political resolution of the Ukraine issue, nobody should put up a smokescreen of war and use it as leverage, or threaten others with sanctions and pressure, still less resort to the means of inciting bloc confrontation,” Wang added. The diplomat insisted that “efforts should be made on the basis of the Minsk II agreement to properly treat the reasonable security concerns of all sides, including Russia, through dialogue and negotiation, and work for the full resolution of the Ukraine crisis and related issues.”

For Washington it has to be really sobering finding itself arguing with two monsters: one--largest economy in the world, the other--the most advanced military capability in the world.  

3. But Putin's entirely justified assertiveness (those who follow REAL economy for years will agree) is more than just the statement of obvious. Especially against the background of a convulsing efforts by Macron to both win elections and undermine Germany. 

Well, I doubt anything will come out of this "summit", precisely because Beijing Olympics are over (hopefully they stop this charade with the utterly corrupt Olympic movement and kill this BS political-ideological pseudo-sport BS) and the question, as IS stated by everybody constantly, is much wider than escalation in Ukraine. It is about what I call now New New World Order and Russia spearheading the "change of the guard", so to speak, because, frankly, folks, combined West fucked it up on an unprecedented historically scale, including for itself. Moreover, West's future is at best foggy and uncertain, at worst--it is a full disintegration of Western Civilization, namely its European part, into the declining totalitarian post-modernist dystopias with eventual economic collapse. I speak about this vector of the development today: 

The reaction of the West's big media and politico guns is telling. And Putin's statement on both sanctions and, especially, genocide is very clear--Russia is in the position, together with China, to press the issue of "changing of the guard" in the most energetic way. But then again, I was also on record that economic dynamics in Russia, when viewed with the cold head, was telling. So, no matter what happens in Ukraine, the issue of Russia's larger security concerns and, with it, the coming of the end of the West will be addressed one way or another. Pathetic "two minute hate" session at the Munich Security Conference has proven again--there is nobody to talk to among this collection of losers and that, in the end, may untie Russia's hands. If not already.

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