Thursday, February 10, 2022

Liz Truss Makes Lavrov And Whole Russia Do This.

You know, this: 

Oh, boy. Now, of course, UK media which never had any class, which is expected from orgs staffed with the UK's higher "education" products, invented this non-story. I think they feel that Liz Truss' visit was an embarrassment for UK and as any uncultured brutes they decided to go on the attack.

The report that the meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his British counterpart Liz Truss in Moscow on Thursday ended with the Russian official unceremoniously walking away from their joint press conference is fake news, Russia’s UK embassy said, responding to reporting by a British broadcaster. Truss “received an icy reception from her Russian counterpart before he walked out of the press conference, leaving her behind at the podium,” the British outlet ITN reported on Thursday. ITN’s news editor Emma Burrows – formerly a CNN producer based in Russia – tweeted that Lavrov “just briskly walked off, leaving [Truss] on her own at the podium.” With Burrows's tweet raking up hundreds of likes, the Russian Embassy in London intervened, accusing the journalist of spreading fake news. “Lavrov did not ‘just briskly walk off’. The conference ended, both ministers got their things and walked to the doors, Lavrov was simply closer to them. In fact, he opened the doors to Mrs Truss and welcomed her in,” the embassy tweeted, urging Burrows to “please don't spread still frame fakes, not worth it.”

If you see British or US main-stream media "reporting", beware, in 9 cases out of 10 what they report will be a lie or its "finest" form--a completely made up shit. In related news, anyone who comes through these media are not journalists but whores both figuratively and directly speaking. Plus, being whores they do not understand what both human and professional class is, of which Sergei Lavrov has plenty. He is a consummate diplomat and a real gentleman--a concept which ceased to exist in the West long time ago. So, I had to talk about it a little bit today. 

Yes, this all would have been hilarious if it wouldn't have been so sad. Sadly, there is no such very loaded term as Habalka in English, but this is exactly the term which describes contemporary Western elites of both (or is it 125?) genders. Relatively new English term Karen does not quite do the job describing Western "elites" and media. Especially media. And, of course, UK is against Russia's sovereignty over Rostov-on-Don and Voronezh. How dare those Russians lay claims to these cities. Next thing you know, they will say that Moscow belongs to Russia. There are no limits to Russia's perfidy. 

Yes, folks, these are you Western "elites". They can not calculate, they do not know geography, they have no clue about real history of the world and, come to think about it, they do not know outside world itself. But they are entitled. I had a chance to communicate and interact with people of a fairly high status and who would otherwise be called intellectuals in the West in 1990s and early 2000s. Many of them were genuine articles, well-educated, with class oozing from them, intelligent, some with a great sense of humor. 22 years passed by--we are in a presence of zombies. It took only 20+ years for this precipitous decline. I have some ideas how it did happen. In related news, I will probably make a case for Dark Eagle weapon system and why I do not believe it is a viable weapon system yet (it will become at some point of time) and why this whole noise around it is primarily (at this stage) propaganda. 

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