Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Kremlin Is Trolling, Professionally.

Peskov advised Ukrainians to set their alarm clocks in order not to oversleep Russian "invasion" (in Russian). LOL. In related news even morons from NBC, following old Soviet anecdote, in which Chief Sharp Eye who was imprisoned with his friends after a year noticed that their prison was missing one wall, NBC discovers:

Russia-China alliance grows stronger as U.S. retreats from world stage

They could also be really surprised when Russia begins deploying her really big guns when the strategic triad exercise Grom-2022 (Thunder-2022) starts in coming days. Shoigu, meanwhile, is in Syria, inspecting forces there. 

Meanwhile, Russia's "isolation" now is so complete, that after Macron, Scholz and a number of UK officials (wink, wink), Brasil's President Bolsonaro arrived in Moscow today for a meeting with "isolated" Putin.

Bolsonaro's visit follows the visit of another important Latin America political figure, the President of Argentina Fernandez. As you can see, Russia is being isolated especially strongly today.

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