Monday, February 7, 2022

A Misnomer From RT.

Which, sadly, becomes not a bug but a feature of RT. Macron is in Moscow and is talking to Putin. RT reports:

It is a misnomer: personal talks between Putin and Macron are not "crucial". They cannot be crucial due to secondary, if not tertiary role EU in general, and France in particular, play in the whole hysteria campaign unleashed by Washington. US-Russian top level talks could be crucial, but not the talks between a subject and the object of geopolitics. Maximum level of importance Macron can reach is that of a messenger.  Putin is keenly aware of that. Even Ukraine has more say now in the matter than France. Yes, this is how strange things get:

Ukraine's officials get these kind of statements out due to a well-justified fear that a large scale false-flag provocation by Ukraine's Anglo-American "friends" is not only possible but even likely, because Washington needs it badly and is ready to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. Some people in Kiev do understand what it means when false-flag happens and they are pushed towards attacking LDNR. Correct, they die. But everybody wants to live. But here is a 404 conundrum, Ukraine is not a sovereign country and she will do as told. That means 404 delenda est for the US to regain full control over its EU vassals (France included) and no amount of visits and "crucial" talks (next in Moscow is Germany's Chancellor Scholz) are merely very late convulsions by Europe. Not to mention the fact that Germany's very own Foreign Minister already committed EU to "sustaining damage from sanctions against Russia" (in Russian). Like the United States, Europe is not governable in normal sense and it WILL commit suicide. 

I know, it is not very flattering to EU but this is the reality. Moreover, I am on record, only some segments of European society really get what is going on, most of population does fear Russia and is firmly Atlantisist. In other words, no matter what Macron or Scholz will say--they are not players and will have attitude adjustment administered to them by a master. That's the fate of the lapdogs. The whole strategic reorientation of Russia is a first testament to the fact of Russia giving up on Europe. In the end, you want to at least communicate with professionals and common sense people when talking modern geopolitics and economy. This is not the case with Europeans anymore. That is why Kremlin is on record:

Putin simply does the protocol and I can only imagine how bored out of his mind Vladimir Putin is when forced, out of international relations decorum and politeness, to meet people who are nobody and are nothing more than globalist puppets.   

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