Monday, February 21, 2022

Free, Free At Last!!!

Happy Birthday LDNR!! Happy Birthday New New World Order. 

Translation: Moscow demands from Kiev to immediately stop all hostilities, otherwise all responsibility for possible continuation of the bloodshed will be fully on the consciousness of the regime ruling in Ukraine

This is Moscow's response to a request for a summit from the US. Talks are over, time for actions. There WILL be war crimes tribunal for all involved, including those in the West.

Some visuals. About borders, we'll see tomorrow how they will be defined, but even in present borders LDNR will be just fine, since what is occupied by 404 was utterly destroyed and run down. They also have many svidomy "supporters" there. As Russian saying goes: one has to deserve Russian occupation. 
UPDATE: Here is the Order (Ukaz)
Russian Armed Forces are given orders to ensure  provision of peace on the territory of LDNR (this Order in particular is about Lugansk, Donetsk Order is identical) until all formalities (like Mutual Aid Treaties) are complete.

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