Thursday, February 3, 2022

Byron King On Canadian Maple Leaf Revolution.

A superb piece from Byron King on events in Canada. What a superb observation: 

People were out and about in the cold and wind, up and down the highways. They stood on bridges. Waved flags. Held signs. Cheered the drivers. There’s no denying what happened. Along the way, Canadians opened their homes to weary drivers. Food, shelter, a place to clean up. No less than Canadian First Nation tribes opened their doors as well, with shamans blessing the trucks and drivers (see here). There were accounts of First Nation war paint on some of the mighty tractors, harkening back to horse-mounted warriors of old! And what of the limousine liberals who run Canada? The salon socialists? The apoplectic progressives, basking in the comforts of power? Ha! It was revolutionary. Except not a revolution of their making, let alone favoring their ambitious desires, limited understanding and minimal self-awareness. This is truly a class war on display. The underlings versus the bosses. And yet it’s rather polite when you consider the stakes. It’s reminiscent of Gdansk, Poland in 1981. Or the Berlin Wall in 1989. But in this case, it’s just good ol’ Canadian truck drivers in the vanguard. 

Read the whole thing, Byron, eloquent as ever, proves himself yet again as an astute social and history observer. His conclusion is spot on:

And what we just saw in Canada is a widespread, working-class tide that’s rising against the misgovernance of the country under the current regime of elite, incompetent big shots. It’s not just a Canadian thing, either. Similar populist seismic activity is being detected in Europe, Australia and of course in the U.S. It’s just a question of time until the fault lines snap and we have the proverbial Big One.


In related news. I don't see any use for Western mass-media in Russia at all, they lie and they can do that sitting in their respective countries. Russians also think so. DW had it coming anyway. They are proud heirs to Goebbels and their place is in Germany, not in Russia, they can produce excrement from Berlin. 

Yep, that's how you do it. I think such sewers as CNN or NBC should also get ready. They can lie without enjoying comforts and grandeur of Moscow which (as much as I don't care about UN's opinions), after all:

Yes, we all know that Russia exists only within Moscow, the rest of Russia is Mordor sinking in poverty, crime and desperation. That's what Western media tell their "customers". Just don't let them get to Kazan

Or Sochi, or Vladivostok, or St. Petersburg, or Yekaterinburg, or... well, just don't go to those places, they are not real Russia according to Western media.

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