Wednesday, February 23, 2022

It Started. Breaking News.

The "de-communization" of Ukraine has started. War crimes tribunal announced. Putin's address to nation!

                                USE as the open thread. 

Evidently Borispol Airport is under attack--closing any chance for criminals to escape. I assume SSO should be on the ground already.  

UPDATE: Per Channel Rossiya 24 (in Russian).  

LDNR forces are advancing, with Ukie artillery effectively suppressed along the whole length of the contact line, while Russia continues strikes using precision stand off weapons most of VSU C4ISR and bases. So, Mariupol (most likely) is next and some reports of a confusion and demoralization of VSU. 


3M14 Kalibrs at work. 

Shock and Awe for VSU. LDNR forces are evidently on the move forward big time.

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