Monday, February 28, 2022

Read Real Experts.

Before flying out. The amount of BS and all those "military experts", such as Yuri Podolyaka spewing their strategic "wisdoms" from every corner (Podolyaka is not military expert, but Ukrainian "orange", first Maidan pusher), is staggering. Here is for your consideration opinions of the actual Russian General Staff officer-operator, Colonel Trukhan. In Russian (use google translate) under the title: We are not Americans. It is specifically about the objectives of war and how it is being prosecuted. It is prosecuted well  and as planned. 

I am on record--you can quote me on that--Western propaganda is good now only within the West. In terms of actual military literacy on any level, from tactical to strategic, not to speak of doctrinal and political, in the West when it relates to Russia... what can I say--it is pathetic. But then again, my, what amounted to trilogy, books are largely dedicated to this, even with introduction of basic minutiae of operations.  

Here is Chilean in Kiev who, certainly, has some ideas. Many of them correct:

In the US where military "expertise" is for a show primarily and long ago became a media product (shitty one at that), it is near impossible to explain how real wars are actually planned and fought and how forces are deployed. Too many computer games and "superficial" operational and strategy "engines", very little of understanding of how, as an example, Russians fight NOT on the tactical level. And even there, with some exceptions of US military history giants as David Glantz and Johnathan House, or some good work put into the explanations by such people like Lester Grau, US military "analysis", as many other things, is for show driven by the insatiable appetite for instant gratification, including creating own fictional wars and equally fictional ways of prosecuting them. We see this today on a full display. 

Recall, go back to the very beginning of this blog: information is NOT a knowledge, it becomes a knowledge after a very serious processing. The West long ago lost this ability (always lacking)--not surprising for a decision making circle dominated by political "scientists" and top brass completely detached from the realities of the 21st century warfare. But people want a show, they need instant gratification, and that is how Western propaganda machine is configured. In such configuration it can produce narratives only--observe what is said and shown and compare this with the progress of Russian and LDNR operation in Ukraine--the cognitive dissonance is inevitable.  So, here is colonel Trukhan for your pleasure. May be this will help to gain proper perspective.

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