Tuesday, March 1, 2022

I Am Back (In Business).

Flew back in today with our flight from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle literally running out of fuel after fighting severe head winds (up to 120 mph). Had to divert to Portland where we refueled, then took off and finally landed in soggy Seattle. We had enough fuel to make it to Seattle directly but barely and the weather was, well, fog, alright. So, we simply had nothing, empty tanks, for holding if need be. Better safe than sorry. So, I am back on the home turf, completely exhausted, however...

Immediately, I don't know why all this fuss about among all those so called US "realists" that Russia somehow is "not winning", when the latest--one will see now how a huge cauldron around Mariupol will be reduced and Russian and LDNR forces are literally into hostage rescue situation with civilians in Mariupol being taken hostage by Nazis. What a "lovely" ally the West created for itself. For update now, Andrei Raevsky does an excellent job of cutting through Ukie and West's propaganda and fakes and here is his latest:

  1. Several days, difficult and violent combats to denazify Mariupol.  The outcome is not in doubt, but all the ingredients are here to indicate a truly intense urban assault operation.
  2. Donbass.  Again, the outcome is not in doubt, I will announce it here as soon as I get enough convergent info to confirm the closure of this operational cauldron
  3. Kiev – here I really don’t know.  I get the need to resolve the Kiev situation in some way, but I remain deeply concerned by any Russian operation to liberate the city.  Kiev is not Mariupol and while in Mariupol there are no other options than to kill all the Nazis, I will keep hoping for some negotiated solution similar to what is happening in a lot of (admittedly much smaller) towns in recently liberated eastern Ukraine.

I totally concur, from what I observe now, by far the most interesting (from psychiatric point of view) is the reaction of the West to its own bullshit in which it got caught and doesn't know how to escape. Militarily, however, this operation will be studied in (real) military academies for a long time as a classic way of removing a rogue armed forces and regime with clinical accuracy. This also explains to a large degree the hysteria in the West's media and political establishment. So, anyway, I am now in the jet lag fighting mode but I am back.

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