Monday, March 28, 2022

No Comments Are Needed Here.

Well, as I said, Ramzan cannot sit idle, he has to be in the middle of all that)) Pushilin and Kadyrov shake on that, and when Ramzan says "we will sit together all of us", I can only imagine what food and drinks will be served in Grozny and Donetsk after all that. 

In related news, this Dagestani guy explains why he just couldn't do it any other way, he saved lives of his buddies by pushing them away when he saw that they were in the line of fire on BTR. As he says, man lives once. 

This dude probably will get his Hero of Russia and... a new jaw. Neocons have no idea what they woke up. But then again, they never learned real history, they don't teach it in Ivy League.  
UPDATE: Here are Chechen fighters save civilians, carrying out children in Mariupol.
There are no words to say...

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