Thursday, March 10, 2022

Larry Johnson and Tucker on Biolabs.

Here is Larry's piece at Gateway Pundit. 

Read the whole thing. And now Tucker also has something to say about it as well as ask some simple but extremely unpleasant question for you know who. 

The fever pitch hysteria in Western media is not just the matter of raging Russophobia finally breaking to surface, or of some psyops, it is a fear of events like the uncovering of these biolabs and the evidence which will be presented once the War Crimes Tribunal begins its work. That is coming soon. Combined West will have many questions addressed to it and I doubt it will have good answers, if any. 

In operational news, the clearing of Volnovakha is complete (in Russian) and once Mariupol is cleared completely Nikolaev and Odessa are next. Here is some March 11 data. 

In other good news, Russian troops clearing Mariupol took Mariupol's main brewery. No, I am serious, they did. Sadly, it is not operational;)

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