Thursday, March 24, 2022

Larry Posted Some Good Stuff About...

... Russian Army being on the brink of collapse. You know, any minute now.  

Look up this story using the link above. Watch videos (I wish I could translate the rap in LDNR video), they are worth it. It seems Russia stopped caring about VSU losses, if they cannot rise against Nazis in their midst--they will die. But the numbers of surrendering VSU did increase. 

But because Friday is coming, I want to point your attention to this video which now literally became Russia's (and Donbass) second anthem. It is called Behind Us Is Donbass. 

In the Western "elites" they do not have enough culture and intellect to even grasp what is shown in this video. References to Great Patriotic War are all there, my maternal grandfather Prigozhin Nikolai Grigorievich was killed there in 1941 in Donbass.  Girls also sang it in Luzhniki six days ago.

When Russians begin to invoke God, Cross, Not Kneeling  and Price in their songs... run, run for your life. You cannot explain this to low-lives from MSM, they have no faculties to grasp it. Because they know the price of everything (themselves included) and value of nothing.

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