Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Evidently It Struck The Nerve...

 ... with RT and they did the write-up on Douglas Macgregor's opinion in his yesterday's interview: 

Russia has largely achieved its objective of neutralizing the Ukrainian military, but Western governments mistakenly believe the deliberate progress designed to avoid civilian casualties reflects weakness and are funneling weapons to prolong the fighting, a former top Pentagon adviser has said. Russian President Vladimir Putin has given strict orders from the outset to avoid civilian casualties and extensive property damage, retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor told the Grayzone in an extensive interview on Tuesday. This has slowed the Russians’ advance “to the point where it has given false hope both to the Ukrainians … but seized on by people in the West, to try and convince the world that a defeat is in progress, when in fact the opposite is the case,” Macgregor said. “The war, for all intents and purposes, has been decided,” the retired colonel said. “The entire operation from day one was focused on the destruction of Ukrainian forces. That’s largely complete.”

As anyone knows who reads this blog and my books--victory is defined by achieving political objectives of the war. Political objectives of the war in Ukraine are removal of criminal regime in Kiev and establishing Ukraine as fully neutral nation. This main political objective is subdivided into two major military-political objectives which are:

1. Demilitarization of Ukraine, meaning destruction of Ukraine's Armed Forces and her military-industrial complex;

2. Denazification.  

The first objective is largely met and transitioning of the combined arms operation into the counter-insurgency and police operation is in progress. The second one is only partially met by means of physical annihilation of military arm of the Ukrainian Neo-Nazism, the police and state security work on that is largely ahead and it is a combination of operative, paramilitary, detective, media and social measures which are being implemented. But in the midst of this constant tactical "analysis" masturbation in the Western media based solely on Ukie propaganda and fakes, with BBC finally being thrown out of Russia today (long overdue), real huge developments in the larger world outside should not be forgotten. In fact, they are even more important than what is happening now in 404.  

The US, after being told to go and pound the sand by Chinese, is now applying its pressure on India. Well...get a load of this. As Times of India reports: 

While initial amount of crude is not large, one should not forget that Russia is called ally of India by India and the original article in the Times of India is very specific in terms of ongoing consultations between Russia and India on setting up a Rupee--Ruble payments mechanism and results will be announced soon (several days). The United States if not understands, at least senses, a grave danger for the US status, grossly exaggerated from the inception, of a global power but promises to accelerate, already in progress, of process of cutting the US economy to size. Its REAL size. 

Evidently Pakistan also is in a full blown mode of "give it to me, baby" in terms of Russia-Pakistan gas pipe-line:

So, as you can see, huge physical economy and military superpowerdom of Russia buy her a lot of goodies and ensure that those goodies will not be snatched by the declining West headed by the US. For Western "experts", such as Germany's Economic Minister Robert Habeck, who holds Doctorate IN philosophy (with zero engineering background) and is a fanatical Grune, or Lindsey Graham with Ted Cruz (both attorneys)--Russia does have all necessary competencies, technological expertise and industry to completely on her own to build just about anything. Here is one of those plants.  But then again, in the world where Russia loses war in Ukraine, by means of annihilating VSU and surrounding key cities, anything is possible in regards to Russia. That is why even those people who try to stay objective and mean no ill to Russia, even those people sometimes fail to grasp what modern Russia is economically, technologically and scientifically. 

Make no mistake, Russia has her own problems, no doubt about it, but those are the problems of the superpower--the fact that US so called "elites" try to avoid admitting because it will discount immediately the actual weight of the United States and, most importantly, will illuminate utter corruption of the America's political, military and economic institutions. I know this pain, and I know how cognitive dissonance between perceived "greatness" and rather unimpressive realty can exacerbate mental problems, especially among very provincial in their outlook US "elitists". This is what US "elites" are going through right now. Some, like fanatical neocons, are ready to unleash WW III, others try to convince themselves that the United States is the "greatest nation in history" still, or that Russian military technology is still not as good as American, or this or that, but one cannot escape the reckoning. It is not coming--it is IN progress as I type this. Reality is a bitch, and it inevitably bites and it hurts like hell, believe me, I know.     

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