Saturday, March 5, 2022

Stuart Varney Is A Hack.

Who cannot possibly have any competent opinion on geopolitics in general and military affairs in particular. He is a stale (and expired) product of London School of Economics (a madras for producing white-board ignoramuses) but he has the audacity to contradict the US Army senior cadre officer with combat experience and all necessary tools to make correct conclusions, not to mention the fact of Douglas Macgregor being a man of an international repute precisely in modern geopolitics and warfare. 

I may not agree on some things with Macgregor, but I don't doubt for a second his professionalism--a feature fast disappearing from top political and military echelons in the US, being substituted with... right.. talking ignorant heads such as Varney who, due to his "rich" academic background in nothing and ability to string several words is precisely an Exhibit A of one of the major reasons of the decline of the West, which is being run by utterly incompetent and malicious "journo" class, who decided that they know the world. They don't. So, Varney's objections are risible--learn the subject, moron, before arguing with real professional.

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