Thursday, March 10, 2022

LOL. Marco Rubio.

I mean it IS ridiculous, really)) Just a hint, Iranian oil is already on the market as a "ghost" oil. But,

(Bloomberg) -- Future U.S. imports of oil from Venezuela and Iran would be banned under legislation being introduced this week by Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican and member of the Foreign Relations Committee. The move is an attempt to forestall any potential effort by the Biden administration to turn to Venezuela or Iran -- if a nuclear deal is reached with Tehran -- as a cushion to rising crude prices sparked by the Ukraine war and a U.S. ban on Russian oil imports. The U.S. doesn’t currently import oil from either nation, both of which are under sanctions regimes. Rubio wants to see the U.S. increase domestic oil and gas production to offset rising crude prices, and said importing petroleum from Iran and Venezuela -- both allies of Russia -- would only serve to enrich American rivals.

The issue here is not that the US cannot hypothetically grow own extraction--it can--but it is always the issue of costs for the US and, of course, who can forget the self-righteous BS:

“Under no circumstance should we be funneling money into the hands of dictators and narco-terrorists, who are also allies of Vladimir Putin,” Rubio said in a statement. “Enough is enough -- it’s time to bring energy production back home.”

And who does Rubio think US "allies" of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are? Jeffersonian democracies? Does Rubio think that the rest of the world, especially cultures much older and much more experienced in diplomacy than the US do not see this pathetic attempt at moral high ground? But then again, this is beyond the grasp of the American elites who still think that they can pontificate on moral issues when many of them qualify for the status of war criminals. A complete farce even a high school student can appreciate.

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