Thursday, March 31, 2022

You See, I Told You So)))

Well, didn't I dedicate my whole writing career to this moment trying to explain to the people in D.C. that they know shit about Russia and they better take my advice and, following Bismarck's advice, make "a good treaty with Russia"? 

I agree, they don't, they never did--99% of the US Russia "experts" are frauds in academic and human terms who sell nice-sounding BS to very provincial and uncultured US "elites" to reinforce those elites' sense of self-importance. This is happening since WW II and never ceased, but then again, I said and wrote it so many times that there is no need to repeat myself. Get the fvcking real professional experts and fire most US "Russia" academe, maybe after that you will get some positive thing going, like normal relations.

P.S. I am not for hire, if anyone thinks about my ulterior motives.

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