Saturday, March 19, 2022

Why Europe Is Done.

Germany's Agricultural Minister who, incidentally, is vegan and Grune came up with wonderful idea:

"Weniger Fleisch essen, wäre ein Beitrag gegen Putin", sagt Cem Özdemir

Translation:  "Eating less meat would be a contribution against Putin," says Cem Özdemir. 

Eat this Rooskies, I mean, Rooskies will continue to eat meat because in this respect Russia is fully self-sufficient, but, as Larry Johnson asks a question, what will be the deal with the rest of the world against the background of wheat exports embargo by Russia and EU committing a suicide. Read the whole piece from Welt. Use Google translate if need be (I did) and partake in the infantilism of the Western "elites".  As you may have guessed it, Ozdemir has an education in... social pedagogy and before entering politics worked as "educator" and journalist. So, the guy has zero knowledge of agriculture. I am on record--people deserve government they elect. Germans, sadly, chose their own fate. As did Europe. The weaponization of meat has started.

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