Saturday, February 5, 2022

Ah, OK. The Mystery Has Been Solved.

To illustrate, if tomorrow Reuters, BBC or CNN and their "sources" (unnamed, of course) tell me that my name is Andrei Martyanov, I was born in Azerbaijan and have grey-blonde hair and they will tell me what school and naval academy I graduated, I would still send the request to confirm by birth certificate, then connect to my class-mates who I will need to confirm that I graduated with them and then I will send a sample of my hair for spectrometry, because 99% of what Western media, such as the ones mentioned above, among many others, produce is an utter BS and propaganda. Forget about them being utterly incompetent, you just cannot view them as news organizations and journalists--they are neither. So are their "experts", especially when dealing with military and intelligence issues. Most of their experts are fantasy made-up figures and those who allegedly are real ones are also full of shit. 

Now I know where idiotic figures about Russia "invading" Ukraine comes from. Here it is:

WASHINGTON, Feb 5 (Reuters) - Russia has in place about 70% of the combat power it believes it would need for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine and is sending more battalion tactical groups to the border with its neighbor, two U.S. officials said on Saturday. In the last two weeks, the number of battalion tactical groups in the border region has risen to 83 from 60 as of Friday and 14 more are in transit, the officials told Reuters on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the information. As to the timing of an invasion, the ground is expected to reach peak freeze around Feb. 15, the officials said, allowing for off-road mechanized transit by Russian military units. Such conditions would continue until the end of March. That timeline and the growing number and capability of Russian forces close to Ukraine could suggest the window for diplomacy is shutting. The U.S. officials did not provide evidence to back up their estimates of Russia's forces.

Immediately: "US officials" cannot provide any "evidence to back up their estimates", because those "officials" are either a figment of imagination for a lowlifes employed by Minitrue in order to push a narrative, or some low level dumb-asses who sell BS to Minitrue leeches. I would expect these "sources" to be from CIA or State Department and most likely to have no idea of the subject they are talking about. On the other hand, if those are not fake "sources" but are actual sources from Pentagon--we've got a problem, because, in this case, we are dealing with utter military incompetence. And I mean major issue in not understanding how modern military of Russia fights. Not surprising, though. The best and the brightest were being purged from already seriously flawed US Armed Forces for years now, I am not even talking about UK, whose Armed Forces are, frankly, ... well I will refrain from commenting on that. But the best proof of these "two officials" being morons (if they physically exist at all) can be found here:

A full-scale invasion would cause major casualties, one of the officials said. Ukraine could suffer 5,000 to 25,000 troop casualties, while Russia's troop casualties could be between 3,000 and 10,000, and civilian casualties could range from 25,000 to 50,000, according to U.S. estimates, the official said.

Yes, these "officials" obviously have zero military background and pulled those numbers out of their asses--nothing is too good for imbeciles from Western MSM. The fact that this whole piece of manure, pardon me, "news" is a complete BS is easily proven (due to utter incompetence of those with who this "news" originated) by the fact of, in case Russia deciding to go IN big time, conducting initially totally non-contact warfare, bar some SSO, which would see VSU ceasing to exist as an organized force in the first 24 hours, with all of its C4ISR and Air Defense assets simply wiped out, and VSU being reduced to a collection of random, demoralized and disoriented crowds. In this case Russia will do what Russia does--will coral them into some sort of camps, feed them, provide proper medical services and then will allow LDNR forces to mop up and deal with counter-intel issues, including seeking out, identifying and imprisoning personnel of Nazi battalions. The rest will be released to civilian life, probably with signed agreement to never serve in military capacity. In case Russia needs to defend LDNR only, she can do it remotely and with a little bit of infusion of the North Wind. But I am in record ad nauseam for years--there is zero understanding of modern warfare in the Western world, not least on the top brass level. 

Combined West doesn't know how to fight a real war, real meaning the peer. Especially in the 21st century. The last people who knew how to do that were Germans and even they got defeated. After that it was one-after-another expeditionary operations conducted with impunity against second-rate opponents and that took its toll, because, as I am on record ad nauseam, for decades now--no US servicemen knows what it is to defend their country. As per Western media--they have no integrity, no honor and would stoop as low as supporting terrorism and war crimes. Here is Tucker bringing it on.

In related news, I am sure Russians are missing good ol' times of communicating with American intel and military people who looked like real men and tough sons of bitches. These ideas immediately visit many Russian minds when looking at Ned Price. Hey, who can forget this--you could respect these guys:

They were in the wrong but you could respect them. Vietnamese did.  Just a passing thought. Times change. Always.

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