Friday, February 11, 2022


Are they doing this on purpose? I think they are. 

A colorful new hire of the Biden administration, “queer activist” Sam Brinton, is making waves on social media for his strange appearance and openly deviant lifestyle. Brinton, who is a proud drag queen and “pup handler” – in other words, someone who leads gay men dressed in fetish gear around as they pretend to be dogs, before having sex with them – has been appointed to a high-ranking position in the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy. On paper, a candidate with dual Masters degrees in nuclear and mechanical engineering from MIT would seem like a perfect fit. Brinton also has experience in the corridors of power, having previously advised the Obama White House on LGBTQ+ issues and worked with Congress on nuclear policy. His bio makes clear he has a solid professional background.

Here is the guy. 

Yeah, he is "colorful", alright. Here is his biography. I read very little about his actual qualifications as applied to professional activity but, certainly, his bio has a very heavy emphasis on his LGBTQR... activities. Well, like these:

From the pups to their handlers and the bonds they share, an inside look at the increasingly popular leather subset. Just call them MAL's best friends.

So, I guess, I don't need to elaborate anymore on the reasons Russia breaks off with the West. Russia is not "progressive" enough nor is she as "advanced". This, of course, brings us to another issue, of Soviet period, which for all its flaws (and there were many of those) was absolutely not what was portrayed in the West. Just think about it.

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