Monday, February 14, 2022

Scholz Begins His Visit To Russia Today.

Sadly, the sewer of Deutsche Welle will accompany German Chancellor. But it is what it is. Scholz is fresh from Kiev and meeting with Mr. Ze and after being utterly humiliated in Washington, so, meeting with ever respectful Putin may be a much needed change of the decorations for him, not to mention the whole of Germany. But then again, it is a great time to blow some shit in Kiev or elsewhere in 404 and blame it on Russians. 

He is no figure of a scale required to do anything about Russian-American relations and he is only couple of notches above in standing of Mr. Ze he just visited. Germany's industries are the main lunch for the US, and that is tantamount to killing Germany as such. I am sure Russian President will explain to him the real game, if he didn't get it by now. But don't count on this explanation, Germany, together with Europe, are objects, not subjects, of geopolitics. It was and is their choice.  

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