Thursday, February 24, 2022

Welcome To The New World.

The feature which will resonate with all normal Russians and Ukrainians is this: The Banner of Victory on the leading vehicle of the Russian armor column entering Ukraine:

This is not an empty symbolism, this is extremely important for all people in former USSR who know what it means by heart. The West supported Nazi regime in Ukraine for 8 years based on perfidious claims and pursuing one and only objective--trying to blow up Russia. This stops now. West wanted to see real Shock and Awe--here it is, watch and learn. The Nazi structure in Ukraine will be utterly demolished finishing the job which Stalin didn't finish and Khrushchev greatly exacerbated by allowing the remnants of Galician Nazi war criminals out of where they were supposed to stay forever--prisons. Now the job will be finished. 

As I predicted: regular VSU grunts will be taken in (VSU currently is in a gigantic cauldron without any chances of serious resistance), interrogated, provided with food (and medical care if need be), will sign the paper to never fight again and will be let go back home. For Nazi battalions, SBU, CIA and MI-6 assets and political wing which committed atrocities and war crimes a very different life starts now. They will either face war crimes tribunal (I think it will be set up in Donetsk) or will be hunted to the end of their lives and killed. They should ask for asylum in Canada--Canada loves to give shelter to Nazi scum. In the name of democracy and human rights, of course. 

Sanctions? You just wait and see. Russia, as I am on record for years, doesn't give a rat's ass about West's "reaction". The Europe is on her own and will be utterly subjugated and will be finished off by the United States, who also wants to eat and live longer: Bolivar cannot carry double(c). It was Europe's choice, she is on her own. Well, not really, she is with the US. Good luck--there is nobody to talk to in the West. From now on NATO will live with the widening military-technological gap across the whole spectrum of its capabilities, until this organization finds new meaning (well, Russia is a not a real raison d'etre) or simply withers away. The totalitarian and an increasingly poor future for the West, especially EU, is now guaranteed. But it is what it is. Finally, the United States was shown what it has become long time ago--a militarily impotent declining power.  It has, as you might expect, global ramifications.  People love winners and US "elites" do not understand how winning looks like, other than to be reelected and continue to serve one's own interests. Well, they have to wake up to a new reality--this New New World Order. 

P.S. I am off to the Caribbean;) 

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