Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Even If They Wanted To...

... "fight" Russia in 404, neither US nor NATO as a whole have sufficient or good enough forces to do so.  

These comments which poor Jen has to make constantly are not accidental. They are in response to a number of hacks who deal in propaganda and lies in DC and call themselves journalists who provide a "pressure", together with a serious lobbting by both Ukrainian diaspora and influence assets, who still think that the war may turn into yet another Iraq turkey shoot with US Tomahawks and F-15s blowing Russian troops up, as long as the US Army puts some boots on the ground in 404. We need to forgive them since they are uneducated hacks who are dealing primarily in PR BS and wouldn't know shit from shinola. 

Larry Johnson penned today a good piece on Russia and referred in it to the late Dr. Stephen Cohen. While concluding his article Larry applied a deft touch which I liked immensely.

This is how one is supposed to talk today to American exceptionalists (see Russian phrase, LOL), the same as making a bullet-point cases against homicidal US foreign policy and demanding specific answers from the American side free of BS and demagoguery. I know, I ask for too much. Pepe twitted today this joke:

LOL. I remember GDR warmly and our German friends from both the academy and 4th Volksmarine Flotilla. East Germans were THE ONLY foreign group in our academy which was allowed (granted, only short excursion with some Q&A) to highly classified auditoriums which contained hardware from, at that time, modern Soviet SSBNs and SSGNs.

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