Friday, February 11, 2022

Is False Flag Coming?

Here is some interesting info from within the Beltway. 

Not surprisingly, article states: 

The lobbyists seem to have found a friendly ear in Senate Republicans, in particular Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). In January, they distributed a tweet from the prime minister of Ukraine that said Nord Stream 2 is “no less an existential threat to our security & democracy than Russian troops on our border.” The sentiment was echoed, nearly verbatim, two days later by Cruz, who said he was hoping to “lift the existential threat posed by Nord Stream 2.”  

Ted Cruz is a sore loser who still cannot resign himself to the idea that he didn't get nominated as GOP's presidential candidate and he tries to vent his frustrations with deep feeling of own mediocrity by means of all kinds of activities which have zero relation to US real national interests. But that is not what is all peculiar about it. As I mentioned before, Rostislav Ischenko doesn't exclude the possibility of the US detonating even a low yield nuke in Kiev in order to blame it on Russia. I don't know about the nuke, but Russians, as I am on record, know more about the United States than US "elites". 

An interesting piece appeared at Ria (in Russian) with a telling title:      

               When Will the US Set Fire to Donbas.  

The piece does a good job describing the state of the US economy and judging by the hysteria in the Western media reaching the fever pitch which seemed impossible even a week ago, and promises that now Russians will surely "invade" 404, there are some chances that the false flag is coming. What will it be? But the Ria piece is well justified when stating that US can not control its economic destiny anymore. It can't. Judging by the stream of the political poodles from the West, ranging from Macron and Scholz to UK's Defense Secretary today, flocking to "isolated" Moscow, rats started to smell the rat. Later today American side asked to arrange a telephone talk between Biden and Putin. Sure. It is going to be the waste of time for Putin, because the logic of the events is such that the US now runs in a narrow corridor precluding any kind of maneuver for US "elites" who are one trick pony. The US needs the war, it always needed it once it avoided its disintegration being saved by the bell of the WW II and two oceans. Of course, today oceans are not the obstacles anymore, as they were in 1945, they are excellent prepositioning  areas for modern weapon systems. 

In related news, the second regiment of strategic hypersonic (M=27+) glider Avangard is getting ready to be fully combat deployed by the end of 2022 (in Russian) and that removes even the remaining (mostly mythical and propaganda) hope for the Anti-Missile Defense of the US. Also, do not forget that this year is the year when modernized Admiral Nakhimov should get to state trials. The forming of the crew has already started and this monster alone can change the balance of power on any remote theater of war. So, yes, the US has very little time. A lot of pressure on the White House to do something before the whole bubble bursts. After all, one has to explain how the "largest economy in the world" is in such a deep shit. Quoting one of the most hated by me bands: We ain't seen nothing yet.(c) Speaking of it--it is Friday.

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