Saturday, February 12, 2022

Some Other News (Important).

This is huge, folks. February 9, 2022 UAC (United Aircraft Corporation), its Irkut branch, received the Certificate of Type for MS-21-300 (in Russian), and that means full steam ahead. Now only certificates of flight worthiness for each serial produced aircraft, which is done everywhere for each newly manufactured plane. Boeing and Airbus are losing Russian market. It will take a decade to lose it completely in the most gravy segment of narrow-body middle-range aircraft but the process is well underway. 

But if that wasn't enough, some less prominent but hugely important news from Argentina. Russia's manufacturing monster TransMashHolding (TMH) just did this:

TMH beat, among other contenders, such manufacturers as Alstom, which will sell its rolling stock offered to Argentina to... drum Ukraine. 

Ivolgas are beautiful fully Russian trains and they operate on Moscow's Central Diameters and are loved by passengers. Here is the review of yet another mod of Ivolga (in Russian). 

You see, this is what late John McCain meant when talking about Russia as a "gas station masquerading as a country". Yes, Russia is a also a nuclear ice-breakers station, space stations station, advanced aircraft (both combat and commercial) station, advanced rolling stock station, nuclear power stations station etc. So, you get the idea.

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