Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Colonel Lang Nails It.

I already wrote about all these talking heads US generals who pose as experts on Russia (they are not) and Vladimir Putin's "intentions".  Now Colonel Lang asks the right question:

As I am on record--independent military analysis is hard, especially in the midst of current US narrative about crisis in Ukraine, which is "packaged" into a wrap of mythological benign intentions by the US to see "the spread of democracy". So, all those generals and colonels with some very minor exception continue to propagate a narrative, not real analysis, especially against the background of their utter ignorance of Russia and how things work there. 

I commented on some issues related to LDNR yesterday:

As for the forecast, VSU is doing what it does always--"digs in" by means of positioning its assets in civilian sectors, up to moving some equipment literally into the houses of civilian population in occupied by VSU Donbass. But the reliable word is out and there is a serious demoralization on the VSU part because they recognize now the gravity of the situation for them. Will they attack LDNR now? Not impossible, the regime in Kiev understands now that the process of Ukraine's crumbling has started in earnest with OR without Russian "invasion". At this stage the only use for VSU is their slaughter by LDNR militias and Russian Army in case they attack (they continue to shell civilians) and delivering TV "picture" to the West. This is the extent of the West's military "capability" against Russia. It is really not about Ukraine.

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