Sunday, February 27, 2022

About SWIFT and Russia's Central Bank.

Immediately what needs to be stressed: as was pointed out by many professionals and simple economic sense laymen, switching Russia off achieves absolutely nothing for Russia than mere inconvenience. For the West and especially the US--it is a further degradation of the US Dollar system. Same goes for attack on Russia's Central Bank reserves. Considering the level of hysteria and, frankly, lack of any intellect in Washington and London, one has to ask questions on how many feet combined West really does have to shoot itself with self-defeating "sanctions". No, this is not to say that they are complete 146% morons, since Anglo-American "elite" is highly selective in "sanctions" because it conspicuously doesn't want to impose them on energy. Anything but energy!

Well, I think--the factor they still cannot fully grasp--it is Russia who has a final word on that, because nationalization of British and US property and assets in Russia may follow, especially against the background of Russia's Central Bank statement that it has all resources necessary to support Russia's financial system (in Russian). In the end there is always an option of demanding Rubles as payment for energy. But in the end, anyone with IQ above room temperature thought that Russia's didn't prepare for this contingency. Come on. 

Under these circumstances what is left for Western media is to use pathos-ridden hyperbole and fluffy (and hysterical) rhetoric, not to mention spreading a full-blown BS regarding military operation in Ukraine. Well, that is why the West finds itself today where it is--one has to have OODA loop in order, especially first two "Os", but as I state non-stop, looking at the level of "competence" of the West, one should abandon any hope of getting touch with the reality. Military "analysis" in the West, especially by all those generals and other "experts" in the US MSM is preposterous. I will try to address the issue later, but, boy, don't they have self-respect? Evidently they don't and do operate with propaganda cliches only. This means not understanding fundamental issue of counterinsurgency in Ukraine and what Russia faces in this respect, the same as how she will handle it. They, certainly, have really big issues with grasping modern air-defense and how it is used and, in general, they are not that good as military professionals, of which I wrote earlier this months. In other words they lack understanding of modern battle space in the campaigns when one faces a fairly competent and not completely incompetent Iraqi military. They didn't get the message with "NATO trained" Georgia in 2008, now, I assume they are simply butt-hurt because this is the first modern war of the age and they can only envy. But we will get to purely military analysis and operational matters based on clear facts later, when the fog of war will clear somewhat. 

After humiliation of Afghanistan (and Iraq) and exposing its military impotence, NATO, as the living organism which has a slow poison introduced in it, will succumb to this poison and will die inevitably. Recall then title of my first book. For now, it seems, Kharkov is about to fall to Russian Army--yet another major (more than 1 million population) urban center which is about to be taken. Yes, I know, use the simple rule--the higher the pitch of hysteria and the larger are the numbers of Russian tanks, aircraft, personnel and satellites "destroyed" by VSU and reported in US MSM--the better is the progress of Russian and LDNR forces. I know, it is such a difficult thing to be the genuine article in life, but there is always PR and propaganda and US "experts" are good at it. Baghdad Bob syndrome on full display.

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