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Olaf Scholz Came In Handy...

And since this colorless German politician paraded himself, yet again, as a coward and a poodle, we might as well expand on the issue of which I write since the inception. More than 7 years ago I wrote:

I also wrote 7 years ago:

Since then I never stopped writing about responsibility of those who perpetrated by now a very long list of war crimes not just in 404 but around the world. Now back to our present. Herr Scholz called statement by Vladimir Putin about genocide in Donbass "laughable" couple of days ago. Well, it is Germany's political "elite" which is laughable, but Scholz being a specialist in labor and employment law and in spewing hollow BS in Bundestag, should have updated himself on what it means when Vladimir Putin and Russia as a state begin to use such terms as "genocide" officially. He, certainly, could have consulted with his ignorant clueless bimbo Annalena Baerbock, but this "consultation" would have confused him even more. 

So, Russia's Foreign Ministry responds to Schols' comments today:

МОСКВА, 19 фев — РИА Новости. Москва в ближайшее время направит в Берлин материалы о массовых захоронениях в Донбассе после слов канцлера ФРГ Олафа Шольца о смехотворности утверждений, что на юго-востоке Украины происходит геноцид, написала в своем Telegram-канале официальный представитель МИД Мария Захарова. "Публиковать эти материалы мы не можем — любая платформа их заблокирует как "недопустимый контент". Аналогичный сет мы уже направили в Вашингтон", — добавила она, предупредив, что "это не могут смотреть даже те, кто видел все".
Translation: MOSCOW, February 19 - RIA Novosti. Moscow will soon send materials on mass graves in Donbass to Berlin after the words of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz about the ridiculousness of allegations that a genocide is taking place in the southeast of Ukraine, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on her Telegram channel. “We can’t publish these materials – any platform will block them as “inappropriate content.” We have already sent a similar set to Washington,” she added, warning that “even those who have seen everything cannot watch it.”
The official diplomatic mail is being prepared and Germany will receive these materials shortly. Scholz' reaction, if he is not a complete moron, about "ridiculousness" of those claims, may, actually be the first nervous knee jerk reaction of a lawyer who was spooked by the fact that the President of Russia spoke about "genocide". Make no mistake, if war happens Ukrainian "elite", especially its militant neo-Nazi wing, will be brought to face war crimes tribunal. Where it will be established I don't know, but even Hague is not out of the considerations. But that is not just it, and here is the real issue: a number of Western military, political and media personalities WILL be indicted and that is a completely different matter. Russia was very meticulous in collecting and systematizing all the records of the atrocities and military crimes the West has committed around the world. Scholz also should recall that Germany played a decisive role in overthrowing a legitimate, however corrupt, Yanukovich government in 2014. There are many people in Germany, ranging from politicians to media, to German intel services, whose names are well known and who have a rap sheet which many thugs from  Chicago can only dream about.  Moreover, unlike Chicago thugs, these well nurtured and dressed ladies and gentlemen do this on a massive scale. 
They are not entirely stupid, because some of them can see where the West is going. In fact, a rough equivalent of Russia's deadly 1990s and chaos for both EU and the US are already here. Things will only get much-much worse with further disintegration of statehood institutions in the Western world and inevitable shake up in elites, because present ones are leading the West towards a complete political and cultural disintegration. This time is not far away. For the United States it is already here and the process is fairly advanced. Once Russia concludes consolidation of her economic and military position vis-a-vis combined West, which by that time will be in a deeper turmoil, the indictments will follow. These ones will be in relation to Western politicos and media. As I already stated, there are many of them who are guilty in assisting or instigating mass murders all around the world and the worst outcome for them is accelerating degradation of Western political and military institutions, which prior to 2014 were the ONLY guarantee for them to never face war-crimes tribunal. 
But then again, recall what I wrote more than 7 years ago. I reiterate:
But it is already clear that by failing to achieve any sensible political objectives in Ukraine and in Russia, and, by this, starting a massive global re-alignment, the United States sustained a defeat. What will be the consequences of this defeat? I hate to speculate, I just know that they are already big and that the moment of facing the reality is coming. 
I spent the last 8 years explaining in a minute detail why the West made a mistake of historic proportions by choosing Russia and Russians to fvck with. Russians have a proverb that once every century the combined West goers to Russia to has its ass handed to them by Russians. But West doesn't learn. Very many people in the West responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity will be brought to justice and many of them know it. That is why the United States blindly continues with self-defeating propaganda of the "Russian Invasion" because not only they are ignorant, which they are, but because they begin to feel a worry. I am on record: the West lost the arms race and is losing economic competition and we know what it means: a defeat with everything that follows. Now Olaf Scholz may nervously repeat his statement about "ridiculous" or "laughable" claims of genocide. Does he want to insist on his position? He better consult UN Office on Genocide and recall why Nuremberg Tribunal was discussed (on Soviet initiative) already in 1943 at Tehran. Russians know a thing or two about it. 
In related news, Russia held her strategic triad exercises and some videos from there are a good fodder for us, lovers of a military porn, LOL)) Here is fully Operational Kinzhal being launched by MiG-31K. 
And here is you serial-produced 3M22 Zircon doing its thing.
I told you, and the phrase at 0:19 "the probability of "coverage" is ONE (100%)", meaning the probability of reaching enemy's surface group is what I write about since... years and years ago. I will remind you:
Read about this transformation of classic salvo equations here. It also explains why they are getting really nervous. They should. 

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