Sunday, February 27, 2022

Something Seemingly Irrelevant, But...

In reality directly connected--I am about 3M22 Zircon. Its official combat range has been revealed: the surface launched version of 3M22 has a range of 1,500 kilometers (in Russian). And while VSU destroys dozens of Russian armored columns, kills Chechens in thousands and shoots down tens upon tens of SU-35s and SU-57s, and while many US military "experts" parade themselves as amateurs who never learned the subject, Kharkov is taken and mopping up operations are in progress, Berdyansk is taken (see the map), a gigantic cauldron in Donbass is almost formed. But yes, rumors of Russia getting ready to surrender, Gerasimov is fired and Anglo-American "advisers" will get them the "plan"... Ah, wait, it is all for CNN and fakes. 

But reality is such that the real warfare, not some propaganda BS in public spaces (the only "warfare" the West is good at), aka psyops, changed so dramatically, that the only thing is left for the West is impose sanctions, which hurt the West more than Russia. Some people in the West know that but prefer to keep silent because most of the Western politics is conducted for the consumption of the brainwashed and uneducated public. Anything tangible in any field increasingly dissipates into the virtual reality and loses the property of being tangible. The only hope for Washington is to somehow "prolong" Russia's operation--this is the extent of strategic vision in D.C. But that is not how it works, they already saw how it works in Afghanistan, Vietnam, you name it--all those wars which the United States lost while remaining "the finest fighting force in history". They only think in cliches. An incredible paradox--the more you get your ass kicked, the more you humiliate your own country, the better you become at what you constantly fail at. An incredible "logic". But then again, I am on record for years--they don't learn. They need to constantly lie to themselves. And so they do. Details--later. 

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