Sunday, December 17, 2023

White Books.

Thanks to my friend Colonel Oleg Shalandin who reminded today about Russian Foreign Ministry's White Books. This is for those who think that Ukraine War Crimes Tribunal is far away--it is not. Here is a link to the section with White Books in Russian. And here is something about US involvement in Ukraine. 

Russian officials said the arms supplied to the Kiev regime and the personnel servicing them were regarded as lawful targets for destruction. We emphasised that to avoid negative consequences, the United States should immediately withdraw its military personnel, discontinue arms supplies and stop providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with guidance in real time for striking the deployment sites of the Armed Forces of Russia and civilians.

Russian officials made it perfectly clear to the Americans that the abetting the mass war crimes committed by Ukrainian formations is confirmed by objective evidence that cuts through the standard arrogant official explanations. In particular, the note of the US Embassy in Moscow dated March 6, 2023 reproduced the well-worn claim that “the US does not use military force against Russia, does not operate weapons against Russian forces, does not direct or control Ukrainian forces, and does not engage Russian forces on the battlefield.” The note said that “all US military personnel in Ukraine work in support of the Embassy.”

The mass of publicly accessible data and information available to Russia suggests that the US has deliberately sought to unleash a proxy war and is siding with one party in the conflict with a view to achieving its central goal of inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia. In this “division of labour”, the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev regularly provides cannon fodder in exchange for unprecedented financial injections, some of which goes to line the pockets of Vladimir Zelensky and his entourage. The Kiev regime is also receiving supplies of arms and equipment, including high-tech combat hardware (to replace destroyed arsenals and the ruined Ukrainian defence industry). The Pentagon and NATO structures are also supplying Kiev with the full range of intelligence information while NATO officials plan and directly command operations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

 While rejecting the obvious involvement of US military personnel in the hostilities, US officials do not conceal their intention to “continue to support Ukraine as long as it is necessary.” In the meantime, they are urging their clients to fight “to the last Ukrainian.” In public statements, Biden administration officials are justifying strikes on Russian territory.

Everything is being documented and transferred to Investigative Committee, which itself has large resources for data collection and processing. Many American, British, German and others' names will be listed in the documents submitted to Tribunal. Foreign Ministry merely creates the overall framework within which the Tribunal will operate and creates "paper trail". I am on record--neocons and US establishment chose very wrong people to fuck with, as per US military--I made a video on some of its "best" representatives today. I should upload it in an hour or so.

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