Monday, December 4, 2023

A Very Timely...

 ... news about Russia's lithography of 7-28 nm. The prototype has been already created and is working. 

And this:

There are some very important clarifications about this whole 7-28 nm thingy, which even I with my limited knowledge of topology and tech behind it know--above 60% of global microchip usage is still within 65-360 nm range. As article states: 

Добавим, что сегодня большинство микроэлектронных компонентов, которые используются в автомобильной, космической и промышленной сферах находится в пределах технологических норм 65-360 нм. Такие компоненты Россия в состоянии изготавливать самостоятельно, и часть из них у нас уже делают. Но есть и более миниатюрные техпроцессы, по которым, например, делают микропроцессоры (7-28 нм) для мобильных устройств и компьютеров, которые являются настолько ценными ноу-хау, что ими никто не будет делиться даже в отсутствии санкций.

Translation: Let us add that today most microelectronic components that are used in the automotive, space and industrial sectors are within the technological standards of 65-360 nm. Russia is able to produce such components on its own, and some of them are already being made here. But there are also more miniature technical processes, which, for example, are used to make microprocessors (7-28 nm) for mobile devices and computers, which are such valuable know-how that no one will share them even in the absence of sanctions.

And here is the key info which even I knew for years:

1. Russia has this tech and increasingly satisfies her needs, especially in military field, with critical electronics;

2. Russians are not planning to fight for global market, not yet anyway, it is all about what Russia needs in both 65-350 and 7-28 nm ranges. 

For export-oriented and, thus, vulnerable economies this whole notion that Russia cares about her own market first and foremost comes as a surprise. It is one of the reasons for economically illiterate people perceiving Russia as a "gas-station". Some of them still cannot wrap their brains around the fact of Russia outproducing NATO in every single respect of the hi-tech weaponry and machines of dual usage (for military and civilian), which is easily understood once one looks at Russia's production of energy, steel, iron and aluminum. As I am on record--the way Russia built from the scratch her composite industry is also a good indicator. Russia is the world's only near autarky.

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