Sunday, December 24, 2023

Why They Are No Good.

I am talking about US military. Thanks to one of the commenters to my video--he pointed out to this piece of "strategic and operational wisdom"--we can now understand why the US cannot win a war. Behold:

Matthew Schmidt, Ph.D. Ph.D., Government, Georgetown University, 2011 M.A., Russian/East European Studies, University of Kansas, 2001 B.A., Government and Literature, Claremont McKenna College, 1998

Look at his "impressive" C.V., LOL)))

An expert on strategic analysis in foreign affairs, U.S. politics, security, and military matters, University of New Haven Associate Professor of National Security and Political Science Matthew Schmidt, Ph.D., has taught strategic and operational planning at the Army’s Command and General Staff College, consulted on doctored maps of a downed Russian jet with the Senate Arms Services Committee, been a representative to Ukraine’s post-revolution presidential election, and visiting professor of stability operations at the Army War College. Dr. Schmidt was also named #22 on Fast Company’s list of the 100 most creative people in America for his work bringing design techniques from architecture into military planning. An expert on defense and intelligence, Russia, Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, Europe, and U.S. foreign policy in North Korea and elsewhere, he also was part of the core team on the Project on National Security Reform, an initiative sponsored by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, which recommended major reforms to the U.S. intelligence and national security community after 9/11. His work has given him deep insight into the political dynamics of these issues. He is the co-host of Impolitic, a podcast that examines current issues in politics, national security and international affairs. 

The architecture bit is hilarious--yes, we all know that the guy wouldn't have any idea what resolution of uncertainties or topology of combat networks are, not to mention how to command a platoon, let alone company or battalion size unit, but here we are--they teaches at the US Army Command and General Staff College? No wonder US Army cannot win shit and is good only at beating third rate militaries. Can you imagine this clown with humanities background teaching "strategic and operational planning" in Russian Academy of General Staff? I cannot, but I am sure that with his B.A. in Government and... Literature (What the fuck is this degree--an auto-mechanic-gynecologist?) he will be able to teach the use of Markov Chains in strategic planning or how required force is calculated for operations the scale of SMO. 

And so, here is this guy's latest "strategic wisdom" for CNN with a telling title: Ukraine’s path to victory runs through the streets of Moscow. It is an excruciating reading for anyone with serious military background.  

Immediate note--the guy is military-technologically illiterate--not surprising for a product of American fraudulent "education" in all things military through humanities and "government" degree mills. The guy, evidently, has no grasp of technological and OPERATIONAL mismatch between the US and Russia, a point I make now non-stop for years--the United States lost the arms race. This applies not just to nuclear weapons, in conventional field--the latest and "bestest" of the USAF, as an example, is not designed to fight modern air war with peer air force, let alone aided by peerless Air Defense. US Army IS not designed to fight a maneuver warfare under what it never experienced in its history--relentless strikes to operational depth by standoff weapons under the conditions of a severe disruptions due to ECM and ECCM by the enemy. Generally, there is NOTHING, short of nuclear weapons, United States can provide 404 which can change the outcome. Nothing! 

Lastly, the guy has no clue what modern Russia is. But, sure, for this "expert" going through bargaining stage of Kubler-Ross could be really painful, so, in order to make my life miserable he wrote this pathetic pretentious piece of garbage which I had to read and make you also miserable to only demonstrate--with professors like this, the US will never win anything. But hey, what do I know? Maybe this "professor" can get a clue here:

And while at it, he can write something on the issue of a missile exchange within evolved Salvo Model? No? Well, I do not hold my breath, neither should you, but as the saying goes with "teachers" like that who needs enemies?

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